When I set out to follow my heart and do something to help an orphan, I hoped my passion would have a ripple effect and it has. One of our missions is to facilitate ways for others to help orphans. We know many people want to do something to help, but don’t know where to start. So, as we help raise awareness of our partner’s needs our hope is that someone somewhere might embrace the vision, adopt a project and help complete it with donations or fund raising.

Kim Anderson learned about our work through her niece Nicole who is married to my nephew Jordan Hanson. Sounds complicated, but really it’s just how these things go. Nicole and her brother were adopted from India, so orphans held a special place in Kim’s heart. Kim had always wanted  to do something to help orphans, but didn’t know what she could do.  When Kim heard about our work, she knew it was a match made in heaven. Since, she’s mobilized friends and family to raise funds for dining hall for the Ashirvad Orphanage in India. Her friends and family donated time and money and organized the Dancing Hand in Hand Benefit held March 22 in Fridley MN. There was a henna artist, a live band, great food and traditional dancers. Here’s a sample of the talent we enjoyed.

The event was great fun and a success. The supporters, participants and volunteers helped raised more than $19,000 dollars that will more than complete the dining hall the kids at Ashirvad. We can’t wait to see the finished product. We’re beginning to distribute funds for the Dining Hall this week.

The success of this event brings a sense of satisfaction, but the joy on the faces of the volunteers, supporters and participants is what makes me happy. It is PURE JOY. These selfless volunteers know down deep in their hearts that the work they do, often tedious, sometimes outside their expertise, and at times stressful, is going to make the lives of orphans so much better. Now, instead of taking meals on the floor under a thatched roof, the kids will have a modern dining hall to enjoy. For the volunteers, knowing what all the effort, stress and work has created brings a bright smile from a full heart. That is the PURE JOY I see on the faces of our volunteers. God Bless the Children and those who are helping make their lives better.