I wept over my keyboard yesterday, while sitting in my little office in Redmond. It was a good day. But, I cried (I seldom cry, by the way).  I actually wept and even today I’m tearing up. Mine were tears of joy mixed with gratitude to a God who cares so much for the abandoned children we serve. He loves them so much that He sends people through us to bless these children.

Lacy Gordon at Halo Foundation, one of our long-term partners, sent photos of the screens one of our donor funded. This donor, like so many, wanted to make an impact with his funds, so he asked about the Gulu Girls Orphanage in Uganda. Lacy shared the need for screens on the dorm windows to keep the mosquitoes out, you see Malaria is a problem there. So, 100% of his funds went directly to pay for the screens for these beautiful girls. I put a collage together of the photos she sent.


I went to the Halo website to see more about these girls, and I cried like a baby. I love this work. Look at those faces. More tears.


The Gulu Girls home is based in northern Uganda and currently supports 18 girls.  The Gulu area saw over twenty years of brutal violence from the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and is now recovering from the many atrocities it faced.  The war left many children orphaned and traumatized as they saw their families killed or forced by rebels to be soldiers or sex slaves.  The Gulu home hopes to contribute to the rehabilitation of northern Uganda by providing a group of girls in need with a family-like environment, an education for a promising future, and mentoring to become women of character and leaders in their community as it rebuilds.


There’s More: A donor friend of mine reached out yesterday to ask if we received he and his wife’s $1,000 check for the JRMD dormitory in Burundi. They’re Dream Makers! And others have reached out letting us know their funds are on the way. (Tears) The Dream Maker Campaign has raised $10600 so far and people are still working toward their goals. Everyone is making such a huge impact so 80 kids will have a place to call home. Tears.

And then, another friend and compassionate soul emailed me. He cries every time he talks about children dying just because they don’t have clean water.  He wants to help by offering matching funds for boring the well that JRMD needs in Burundi.

Then, another crier, one of our board members, said she’s sending money (lots of) for the Cambodia project. She just can’t help herself.

Also, we have a group forming in Washington to help the special needs orphans in Haiti. Tears.

My heart is filled with pure joy because so many of you feel the same way I do about caring for abandoned children. And we know the needs are great. We can’t do it all, but we can all do something.

You bless my heart beyond measure. You inspire me that our work together is touching lives. Tears. I’m a mess.