I’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving for a while now. A few weeks ago, Kim and Dan Anderson hosted Raja and Sudha Sekhar at their home and invited friends and family to enjoy an early Thanksgiving feast. Then I got to see my daughter and family in Missouri before returning back to Washington.

Thanksgiving Day is here and the day’s preparations are underway. At this moment, coffee in hand, my German Shepherd Winston is sitting next to me and I am live streaming the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Day Parade on one device, listening to Garth Brooks sing his Thanksgiving Song on another, while I write this blog on yet another. I’d say I’m immersed in the holiday.

In a few hours, I will be preparing a feast of my own. My menu includes all the excesses, including my Holiday Bread, rice stuffed duck, turkey, lamb, Jason’s Green Beans, Emi’s mashed potatoes, carrot cake and home made pumpkin pie. My daughter, her husband and their four lovely children will be here, and she’s invited friends to join us. There will be lots of football, chit chat, games and movies for kids interrupted by a feast of mammoth proportions.


The children’s home in Cambodia has a new roof on the dining hall because of generous donors! Look at the smiles you are bringing!

You’ve also generously donated to complete the dining hall roof in Cambodia, donated toward the dormitory in Burundi and we’ve been able to put in windows and doors and are half way there to funding a bored well for clean drinking water. You’ve donated to put screens on windows in Uganda for the Gulu Girls home so the chance of them getting malaria has been reduced. Just look at the smiles you are bringing!

In all of our excess and traditions, I am well aware that many of the children we serve, barely have enough to eat in a day, let alone a family to surround them with love. This is why I started 200 Orphanages and began to reach out to friends and family to try to do something so abandoned and vulnerable children would have a safe place to call home. This is why you have come along side and are helping in so many ways.

Today I am thankful for our loving partners who care daily for the vulnerable child. And, I am so grateful that you have joined in this quest to provide safety, shelter and sustainability for the orphan child. We can’t do it all, but we can all do something.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and  yours! Here’s my personal message to you and yours.

Thanks Giving 2016 from Jan Marie on Vimeo.

Jan Hanson