2016—I like to call the elation that comes from helping orphans “Pure Joy”. I’ve said it time and again. I’ve felt Pure Joy while holding the small hand of an orphan boy in Peru; I’ve seen Pure Joy in the eyes of the volunteer holding a baby in Cameroon; I’ve heard Pure Joy in the voices of supporters sharing through tears their passion to provide clean water to as many people as possible. This erupts in simple, PURE JOY!

The past year I have again been surprised by joy as supporters have responded to the call to fund buses, and wells, and library shelves and dormitory walls so orphan children can be loved and cared for. These items might seem mundane, but they are not mundane to the children, nor to us.

With the changes over the past few years of my moving to Washington state, I worried about where the support would come from for the needs that were being brought to us. We were made aware of our partners’ needs and set out to raise more than we’d ever raised before. I didn’t know how we’d do it.

Well, silly me! Your support over the years shows how much you care for the orphans. I knew when I started this work on behalf of the orphans that I wasn’t alone. I knew there would be more people who wanted to help orphans have safety and shelter. So, as I made the needs known to you, you responded. Because of you this year the kids at two orphan homes have a bus, others get to eat in their dining hall with a non-leaking roof; still others ave clean water and even a library. Can you feel that welling up deep inside of you? That my friend is Pure Joy!

Well done my friends! Look out 2017! Here we come!

2017happynewyear from Jan Marie on Vimeo.