Yesterday my husband and I celebrated Palm Sunday, one of the great Christian holy days. We went to church and the message centered on the Bible story when throngs of people waved Palm leaves and laid them on the path as Christ entered Jerusalem on a donkey.  The spontaneous crowds honored him using what they had.

Four words from the message have been rolling around in my head: “Use what you have.”

This has meaning to me because this is what I do each day on behalf of the orphans. Sometimes I wake up and my motivation is low, so I pour another cup of coffee and start using what I have. I write that email, call that donor, read the funds request and take action. What I do never seems like much, but I’ve seen that if I just do what I am supposed to do every day, no matter how big or small, and if I just use what I have, things happen. I faithfully take the next step to move the mission forward. I use my passion, I use voice, I use my talents and skills, I use my gifts, and I use my time. I use what I have. And, our partners have the same mind.

RelindsandemanuelRelindis Moffor started Angel of Mercy for those infected with HIV/AIDS in her home country of Cameroon. She saw people suffering and had to do something. She worked two jobs, one paid for her and her family’s livelihood, and the other supported those she cared for in Cameroon. Relindis paid her staff in Cameroon, bought the medicines, provided housing for the homeless and she offered microloans to the women who needed funds to start businesses to support themselves. Relindis used what she had.

img-20160801-wa0064Partners Raja and Sudha Sekher in India saw the many children in and around the villages around Tuni India who were left fatherless and living in extreme poverty. They had to do something. They didn’t have much to give, but they used what they had to begin caring for the children in need, and now they care for more than 100 orphan children.

chrisgatesAnd then there’s Chris Gates from Tulsa Oklahoma who traveled with his grandmother when he was 15 years old to Tanzania. The experience set the path for his young life and his heart was forever in Tanzania. He set his heart and used what he had. He and his family have built a home for 50+ vulnerable girls in Tanzania and have a school that serves more than 500 students.

I could go on and on. Our partners are the workers on the ground every day who are changing lives and it all got started because they were willing to use what they had.

You probably do this already, but if not… and if you see a need and have a passion to help, set your heart toward the goal and get started using what you have. You don’t have to start something on your own, either. You can join those who are already doing something like we did.

You’ll never know what you can do until you get started!

Use. What. You. Have.