With every end, there’s a new beginning. And with the end of 2017, I look forward to 2018 with great anticipation. It’s at this writing, we’re already 21 days into 2018…with 344 days to go in 2018.

Last year, you made it an amazing year for the kids we serve. Because of your individual support, Founding Donor Fred Cornforth with his company CDI, along with other long time donors, all of our partner projects have been funded.


Last year your contributions built safe latrines for a boys home in Kenya, a security wall around the Gulu Girls Home in Uganda, a clean water well that will soon provide water for a neighborhood as well as a special needs home in Haiti. You helped remodel the special needs dorm to provide physical therapy in Guatemala and funded repairs after the earthquake for the stone wall at the NPH in Mexico. There’s more: Your support helped repair Serenity Homes for Angel of Mercy in Cameroon, you helped house thirty boys with the construction of the boys home in Tanzania.


Your funds helped tile the library floor in Tanzania, you helped buy a tractor and build a greenhouse. Your funds built a sick room for the kids in Ashirvad, you provided Solar pump and lights for the compound and a small group of you organized to raise funds for books for the Library in Ashirvad India. You also helped complete the dormitory for the orphans in Myanmar and early in the year funds repaired the security wall in Cambodia.

DSC_9042That means your support helped touch the lives of orphans in Haiti, Cambodia, Mexico, Guatemala, Myanmar, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon and Uganda. That’s 10 countries in one year and it’s because of you!

For the past 10 years, you have come alongside our work, as we have raised awareness and funds to provide safety, security and sustainability. July of 2018 is our 10th anniversary year. We’d love to invite 10 or more supporters to partner with us and help organize a small gathering or fundraiser to help us raise awareness or funds for a project you care about.

I know you all care deeply for the well being of the orphans and even though we can’t do it all, we can all do something! In a few weeks, I’ll be sharing the projects for 2018. You can adopt a project and help donate or raise funds to complete it.

So… let me ask you….what kind of fundraiser would you be able to organize? A golf event? A 5K? A Walk-A-Thon? A Silent auction? A Gala? A breakfast? There are ideas galore and you and your friends get to make a difference in the lives of orphans!

If you want to mobilize friends, family, your club, your group…let me know and we can make it happen! Just fill out this form to get started!