Thanks for Giving.

nino1Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it’s not only because of the turkey and dressing. It’s as much about the original Thanksgiving celebration that Abraham Lincoln designated a national holiday. Each year we remember the Pilgrims setting out to realize dreams of religious freedom. And, since 1864, Americans set aside one day as a nation to be grateful for all our blessings. And I am grateful… everyday.

What strikes me this Thanksgiving, is that 200 Orphanages is celebrating its 10th anniversary of helping provide orphans safe shelter. I think of the Pilgrims those many years ago needing help to survive, too. The Native Americans happily gave expertise and no doubt supply as well. I know the Pilgrims gave thanks to God for provision, but also gave thanks to those who helped them survive.

“Thanks for Giving” bubbles up from deep inside of me this year as I am grateful for your gifts to the orphans, past, present and future.

I’m in awe and am grateful to donors, volunteers, supporters of all kinds. From the very beginning when the thought of doing something for orphans was just a seed planted in my heart during a trip to Ayacucho Peru, when I shared the vision, your eyes lit up and you wanted to help. Year after year, I am humbled by your gifts, both big and small, monetary or in-kind.

What astonishes and blesses me is that our vision to provide safety, shelter and sustainability to orphans strikes a chord in you, too. You WANT to help and with love, compassion and INTENTIONAL GENEROSITY, you freely and happily give. It is because of this, today I bow my heart to God and give thanks, but also I am grateful to you for helping provide the orphan with safety, shelter and sustainability. It means in essence, your gifts provide the orphan a foundation for a happy and productive life. This is what your gifts mean to the abandoned child. And for that, I am grateful.

Thanks For Giving! JH