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Giving What You Have To Give:
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When I started this work more than a decade ago, I never dreamed I’d receive such joy in return for simply giving what I had to give. Every day, I get to see that same joy in donors, volunteers and supporters as they, too, give of what they have.

When sharing the 200 Orphanages story, people instinctively seek ways to help. There are more examples than I can count of people being inspired to do something.

Our most recent grassroots campaign is building the Ambassador Circle… person to person, one by one.  We’re encouraging our Orphan Ambassador’s to organize simple, intimate gatherings we like to call a PartyWithPurpose. 


I met Torie Rynning, our “PartyWithPurpose” campaign creator at a netwtorieorking event through Washington Nonprofits last year (Thank you Washington Nonprofits). She shared her company’s PR efforts to help small organizations create their own PR Toolkit. I was intrigued and because of my marketing background, thought Torie’s vision for small organizations and companies is spot on. That being said, I was able to share the 200 Orphanages story with her.

It was about two months later Torie reached out and wanted to volunteer. Before we were finished talking, partywithpurpose2she agreed to help organize a PR online PartyWithPurpose toolkit. With Tories’ toolkit, ANYONE can host a PartyWithPurpose. This fits our strategy for 2019 to build awareness one on one, and expand the vision. Torie and Angela are putting the finishing touches on the toolkit as we speak.

Last November, lindaparty8.jpgOrphan Ambassador Linda Hanson organized our first PartyWithPurpose in Blaine, Minnesota. Linda never dreamed she’d raise $5,180 among 22 friends and family in one night. But, what I see is that something happens when you share your home and heart with frien20190215_175253.jpgds, they give what they have and God multiplies.

The February snows wreaked havoc in Washington, so Torie’s Feb. 9 Birthday PartyWithPurpose was rescheduled. Fortunately, Cindy Moffitt’s A Gathering Place Colorado went off without a hitch! She and her group raised about $2,595with her PartyWithPurpose. This too was a first for Cindy, and she rallied her friends in Lyons, Colorado.

With Cindy’s funds, and after a $4,000 match for Linda’s event, $11,775 is ready and waiting. The cost is $12,790. We’re hoping to make up the difference for the project with non-designated donations to complete the project! Thank you everyone that you gave of what you had!

A Gathering Place
 $   4,000.00
 $   5,180.00 
 $   2,595.00 
$ 11,775.00

Remaining: $995.00

As I watch Torie’s vision, Linda and Cindy’s mobilizing and the other who have scheduled a gathering… I am filled with gratitude. The 200 Orphanage vision involves raising awareness and funds for safety, shelter and sustainability, but also includes mobilizing others for good and others are catching the vision!

We’re building Orphan Ambassador Circle and You can be a part of the good! Sign up below and we’ll get back to you to discuss your own PartywithPurpose!