I am joyful. As I reflect on 2019, I feel full, and I can’t stop from trying to sneak a peek into 2020.  As you review your year, I hope your joy is full, as well!

infographic-2019_.jpgI’ve just read an encouraging report that extreme global poverty is being reduced. This is welcome news and I believe intentional generosity has helped, and is making an impact. With easy access to information, we all know more now and have opportunities to help others in ways before unimaginable. As I’ve said over and over, we can’t do it all but we can all do something.

I remember so vividly when I volunteered in 2007 and visited the public orphanage and the private Catholic orphanage in Peru. The difference in the two facilities was striking and I couldn’t help think that maybe finding funds to help provide safety, shelter and sustainability might make the lives of the caregivers and the abandoned child just a bit easier.

Today,  being thousands of miles away, it’s hard to imagine how our small part makes an impact in the lives of orphans.  But as I talk to our partners, they share how grateful they and the children are that donors from across the globe care enough to help provide comfort and care. Our partners do their best to provide the daily needs of each child, but need help funding other needs like latrines, and outdoor kitchens, and security walls, and clean water wells, and livestock sheds, agricultural supplies, school buses, and frankly, the list is varied and long.

Even though we know our work touches the lives of the children, coming up with how many children served is not easy. I can readily give you specific dollars raised as well as projects funded, but the number of children helped is a bit more complicated. I’ll try.

img-20160801-wa0064In Ashirvad Children’s Home, in India, over the past ten years, your donations have provided safety, shelter and sustainability for about 100-123 children year after year. Over the past ten years, many children have grown, and moved on, as children do. Other children have taken their place to enjoy the comforts and necessities you provided. Specifically, for Ashirvad alone, you helped complete a dining hall, community hall, a school bus, solar lighting, and solar heating for warm showers, a library and its books, and even cows for fresh milk.

nino1Other partners, such as NPH International, you’ve helped care for the special needs children living among 210 orphans. These precious ones now have training in life skills, a better dorm with an onsite facility to receive physical therapy. In the NPH Mexico facility, 410 children will have access to the renovated school computer lab as well as a secuLukeandviolettarity wall providing safety and sustainability.

At NPH Haiti, we serve partners in and around Port-au-Prince, where 700+ children felt the love of supporters after the Haiti earthquake, as well as the a different partner MyLIFESpeaks which cares for 22 onsite special needs children and 100s of other community children in Neply, Haiti.

Also, we’re providing clean water for the 20 (soon to be 50) girls at Mainsprings in Tanzania and serving another 50 girls with paving stones and a pavilion. This clean water well includes a solar pump that will provide drinking, cleaning and cooking water, but also irrigation for the garden. At St. Teresa’s in Songea Tanzania, donors have just funded a clean water well to serve more than 500 children, staff and the nearby community members.

Over the years, projects you support have served children in 17 countries and the numbers of children served are in the thousands over the years.  We will do a more comprehensive tally to share with you, but for now, know this: Your impact is immeasurable.

Iboys hostel (003)-5n my view, if we help just one abandoned, vulnerable child have a safe place to call home; if we all help just one have shelter and security and if we help just one have home-grown eggs, milk and vegetables for daily sustenance, we have in the smallest of ways made an immeasurable impact that lasts a lifetime.

As our partners are on the ground day by day wiping tears, cleaning spills, we’ve found our small something that we can do to help. And of course, it goes without saying, we can’t do it all, but we can all do something.

So, I am now staring 2020 squarely in the face! I’ll continue the work in earnest, face the challenges and obstacles as I have each year. We’ll be sharing the needs of our partners with you hoping you will help in some way!

partywithpurpose2My plan is to expand our reach as we did in 2019. Last year was a success because so many of you wanted to host fundraisers, large or small to further our mission: To raise awareness and funds providing safety, shelter and sustainability for orphans. It was a a full and fun year. This year, my hope is to find 10 of you and your friends to have  your own PartyWithPurpose in your homes or a location of your choosing. These small, intimate gatherings are effective ways to raise awareness. I’d love if you could share your passion for our work with your family, friends and colleagues. We’ll have three or more fundraisers by our Orphan Ambassadors and it’s my hope to arrange more speaking opportunities to share the 200 Orphanages Worldwide story. We’d love groups and schools to engage with our mission. So, if you can help in some way, send me your ideas and thoughts on the form below.

2019 came and went so fast! It was a whirlwind, but successful in so many ways. I credit you, our donors, our amazing Project Manager, Angela McDermmott and of course our faithful and loyal board, Brodie Miller, Jason Hastings, Kristina Lederer, Ankush Grover and Mason Hopfensperger. These are all amazing people I am so proud to know and couldn’t do this work without their help!

I’m excited about 2020… and I hope you are too! Happy New Year to all.