20200713_165457When the Pandemic started, my brave soul shouted out a new motto: Stay Safe and Innovate! Six months in, it’s changed to: Stay Sane and Motivate.

In keeping with shut-ins everywhere, I’m watching more movies. There’s one I watch at least once a year since 1987 called Overboard. I know many of the lines of the script by heart, but I still laugh. Every. Time.

It’s light, entertaining and has two of my favorite actors, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. The scene that makes me LOL these days is when Kurt’s four unruly sons finding their new Mom rattling around the house murmuring: “Bah ba bah. Bah baah. Bah ba bah. Ba Ba Baaa. Bah Ba Bah.”

This is how I feel these days after too many months of scary pandemic headlines, straightjacketed freedoms, protests and lawless riots.

Watching a funny movie relieves the cloud of oppression until I read the next headline, ugly post or get knifed by glares from masked shoppers as I inadvertently walk down the wrong supermarket aisle.

News updates from varied sources requires slicing and dicing using my left brain right brain like a slice-o-matic. What drives the exhausting headlines are he-said she-said rumors and sensational falsehoods with a dash of truth. It’s exhausting and sometimes I just have to run away from sheltering in place.

I don’t go far… or into the throng. Often it’s a simple ten minute drive to the barn to ride my horse Krizzy that keeps me sane. Krizzy likes the treats I bring and I love the smell of her. She calms me; so it’s a win-win.

It’s often quiet at the barn, so the noises in my head dissipate. Most often I’m the only one on two legs, and the six or seven horses in stalls jealously watch my every move as I groom my mare and saddle her up. After a short walk around the arena, I gather my courage to jump on. Then I close my eyes, breathe, and walk on.

My not so smart watch dings, congratulating me on moving again as my hips flow with deceptive ease walking in rhythm atop Krizzy’s back. She moves with grace and sway as I listen to the birds and watch the clouds pass by. My horse gives a sigh and a snort and I begin to relax. These few moments of calm help me remember that God is in control and He decides what’s next.

So, I am working at living my new motto: Stay sane and Motivate. It’s easier when I’m at the barn, not as easy when I’m force to shelter in place. Still, I drive home with a quieter heart, motivated to breathe, and walk on.

preciousgirlsWhen my head is cleared of all the noise, I can refocus on what brings me joy; like inviting friends and family to come along to help vulnerable children have brighter futures. I know negative distractions serve to only hinder my work. If I let them that is. My reprieve at the barn reminds me that I get to choose what I listen to, I get to embrace the truth, and that which is central to my life. I get to act on my faith, helping children have a safe place to call home. I breathe, and walk on.

I can’t do it all, but I can do something. JH