We marched through 2020 with shoulders to the wind. We’re ready for 2021. Bring it.

Sometimes you just have to roll with it. That’s how we got through 2020. We had a bit of wind at our back as in late November 2019, you helped us raise more than enough funds to complete the 1st phase of the well with our 2nd Annual Tanzania Tonight. That enabled St. Teresa’s to start the well. Founder and director Teresa Nyirenda Litchy, kept us informed as the project got underway and by spring we were receiving receipts and photos of the tanks filling, Soon the kids, staff and community were rejoicing in their access to clean affordable water.

The 2020 wake up call came as our partner’s fundraisers and gatherings were canceled. Our project manager Angela McDermott began to ask the question: “What should we do to help our partners get through this?”  

We pondered that, as our core mission is to fund building projects providing safety, shelter and security, not day to day operational needs. But, we knew this year was out of the ordinary. The board agreed whole-heartedly to be flexible, and support raising funds to allocate toward basic needs of the children. And you responded by helping raise enough funds to provide emergency relief. You came through and with a $10,000 match, we exceeded the $20,000 goal. With that, we funded a medical clinic for a month for Mainsprings in Tanzania, it bought food for a month for 500 kids living at Open Arms International in Kenya, it provided a month of operations for the home in Myanmar, relief for the poor through Ashirvad in India and basic supplies for St. Teresa’s in Tanzania. Your funds made an impact and filled the gap while our partners figured out alternative ways to fund raise. And we marched on.

In November 2020, we held an online auction to fund pipes, plumbing and fixtures for St. Teresa’s, even irrigation! It was our first online auction and because of you, we exceeded our goal of raising $10,000.

In 2020, we welcomed new partners and projects in various parts of the world. People of Peru, based in Walla Walla Washington is operated by Paul and Sandy Opps in Iquitos Peru. They’re request is to help complete a building already in progress that will serve the kids in their care. Open Arms in Kenya is requesting funds to replace roofs and add solar panels. Angel of Mercy in Cameroon, is requesting help with getting electricity to their site we helped fund more than 10 years ago. We’re also raising funds for 6 computers for Ashirvad. So, we have lots of work to do in 2021.

Even in the face of crises, you answered the call. I appreciate that you see our vision and embrace it. The result is the vulnerable child has safety, shelter and sustainability and a brighter future. As we turn the calendar, we’re marching strong into 2021. Whatever may come, we know you’ll do what you can to help make an impact in the lives of children in need.

I’m looking forward to making 2020 jealous of 2021.

Happy New Year !