Across America in 30 days: A Personal Journey

It’s been a bit of time since I’ve written and so much has transpired. We, along with so many in the great migration of 2020, moved. Yup, we are now residents of Wyoming. Just like that. We were the last family members to leave Washington. Our house sold quickly, but our closing in Wyoming took a month. So we decided to take a drive across country with our German Shepherd and three herb planters tucked around the luggage. We traveled over mountains, along rivers on backroads and the Interstate through Idaho, Montana, then stopping in Wyoming, on to South Dakota and then Minnesota to stay with family for a few weeks. Then, we loaded up the car (Beverly Hill Billy style) and drove to my daughter’s home in Virginia via Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland. Sigh!

Traveling the nation was like driving by and waving to a long forgotten friend. Each state displayed its own beauty, the small towns, big cities, the farmland with cattle dotting hillsides, and corn and beans flourishing for miles. And then, evidence of devastating drought took a toll on crops for miles down the road. But still, the hills, mountains, forests, rivers and streams are uniquely America. I couldn’t help but belt out a few bars of “America the Beautiful” while being immersed in the spacious skies, the fruited plains, the purple mountain’s majesty, the amber waves of grain as we sped along. It was a great privilege to see our nation’s beauty up close even if through the passenger window. A highlight was visiting our nation’s capital on a Friday night, it was buzzing with visitors as we climbed Lincoln Memorial steps and said a prayer for our country. Visiting loving family with these backdrops made our travels all the more delightful.

With all the distractions of moving, organizing movers, unpacking boxes, alongside all the upheavals of current society, I’m mindful that there are still orphans desperate for help. Many don’t have the basics of life, such as water, daily nutrition, medical help, much less a roof over their heads. My passion for 200 Orphanages is unabated as we transition. We’re still coming alongside our partners in orphan care helping them fund projects with the help of so many. We intentionally pared down our efforts of late waiting for better days. But in truth, the orphan can’t wait for our days to get better, less busy or more secure. Their needs often can’t wait. So, we march on from where we are doing the best we can to make a difference in the lives of orphans. Thank you for partnering with us in this work and for what you do for the children.

As for me, I get the privilege of learning all about the Cowboy State and enjoying the beauty of Wyoming. I’ve dusted off my cowgirl hat and boots and I’m ready to get busy sharing our 200 Orphanages story with my new neighbors.

We’ve updated our nonprofit address and will send it shortly! Stay tuned for our annual update as well! Thank you for what you do for the children!

Watch for this postcard in the mail!

Stay tuned and get ready for good things ahead. jh