After a series of life events, the most recent being the passing of my Father, I find myself thinking about legacy.

Norm Skalicky April 1, 1934-November 7, 2021

I’ve concluded we all leave one whether we want to or not. And the good thing is we get to choose ours. We can actually decide how we want to live and what we want to leave. No matter how much baggage we came with, or onslaughts and mishaps beset us, we, in fact, own our days. As imperfect beings, each life has built-in complications. We hurt people, they hurt us, we win some, we lose some, we use poor judgement; we make great decisions. It’s a mixed bag, really.  

But along with that, we each get to choose what we do with our life. No one stops us from intentionally building goodness into the lives of others. Nothing stops us from doing deeds of charity, thinking good thoughts, practicing kindness. These are all our choice. Sometimes, they aren’t easy, but the choice is ours none the less.

As you know, I decided in 2007 to intentionally transition my life using my talents and skills to help orphans in some way. This is part of my legacy. More than 13 years ago, I founded 200 Orphanages Worldwide and from small beginnings, and with the help of hundreds of people just like you… we’ve been able to provide safety, shelter and sustainability for orphans around the world. We’ve worked with partners who provide day to day care and we’ve helped provide funds to dig wells, build dormitories and libraries, provide irrigation and livestock shelters, greenhouses and orchards, and more. What a joy it is to see children have running water, ample produce and protein, and a safe place to call home.

Working with kids while at Mainsprings in Tanzania. We Can’t Do It All, But We Can All Do Something.

Now as we enter the giving season, we are happily providing you an opportunity to help an orphan today.  We have various projects that need funding and any donation is welcome! 200 Orphanages sends 100% of your gift to a project that provides safety, shelter and sustainability. To give a gift on Giving Tuesday, or any day, go to

Thank you in advance!

Happy legacy building in 2022 and beyond.