The weather is turning, bringing flowery thoughts of gardens, citrus trees and rose bushes. I’m taking joy eating our citrus, watching the flora blossom, the butterflies and even the wonderous hummingbird hawk moth of the Arizona desert.

Hummingbird Hawk Moth on Lantana in Arizona

Our lives continue to March On!

Just a year ago, we were settling in to our winter residence in Wickenburg, as we moved from Phoenix, and then in May 2021 we began our move from Washington State to Wyoming. I’m not going to lie. The last year was arduously arduous. If that’s even a thing.

Along with our move to Wyoming, we traveled a lot last year, including a wintery trip to Minnesota in November to say goodbye to my Dad.

More recently we’ve enjoyed warmish weather while hosting guests in Arizona. I’ve worked with my horses, took on three pigs to raise for meat, lost our lovely dog of six years and acquired a delightfully energetic puppy named Charlie. Also, I’ve killed a lot of new plants by succumbing to the temptation and bought them too early in the unpredictable Arizona spring.

So, as I settle in two new communities, I’m finding new ways to dig my roots down deeper. I love meeting people, expanding my sphere, building awareness and helping others connect especially if they want to get involved with orphan care. As I circulate, building connections, I lean on our wonderful project manager Angela in Jacksonville, to stay the course for us. I couldn’t be happier with our amazingly committed board of directors as well as lovely volunteer coordinator from Vancouver BC who is always steady and sure… how blessed am I. How bless we are as an organization.

Also, because of the impact we make with our simple efforts, as shown by the video we recently received, I’m giving myself some permission to rest, restore, and revive, because there’s so much to be done. This work is for the long game… and the little video clip showing a young child finally able to wash her hands properly inspires me to March On! So…

…This year, watch for snippets from my Memoire in progress: “My Something.”

Stay tuned on more ways you can help us expand our reach!

  • Reconnect with our partners, and meet new partners with whom we’ll be coming alongside raising awareness and funds for safety, shelter and sustainability.
  • Keep informed and find ways to help by hosting a summer “Dinner In” or “Men who Cook” gathering with your friends, family and colleagues.
  • Build a network far and wide to raise awareness and funds to help orphans

The white board in my office sits prominently where I can see it from my desk as a reminder:

“2022: Every Day: Do something to help an orphan in need.”

Let us help you find your “Something” to help an orphan this year!


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