I turned around and another year is almost gone. 2022 has had its hills and valleys, as my Dad used to say.

One the upside, I marked a dozen months as a Wyoming resident and that meant for most of the year I was getting resettled. The upside is I am meeting new friends, visiting new shops, seeing new scenery and I am loving it. I am always up for adventures and bravely go.

We’re blessed to be able to live near our oldest daughter and family in Wyoming during summers and two daughters in Arizona through the winter. We make it our mission to spend as much time with all of our 15 grandkids as we can. We even traveled to Ohio for a few days and happily caught our oldest grandaughter’s Senior night and last volleyball game. Our intention to be involved in their lives means lots of travel, hikes, and overnights, sporting events, movies and popcorn and as you can imagine, I love every minute. And we’ve added a few faces to our crew. Meet Sissy and Ellie.

Still, with all that joy, I’ve experienced upheavals, or valleys. I have the same sense as others that the world is spinning a bit faster and a bit out of control. We have weathered the worst of a poorly managed pandemic, many nations are suffering from unprecendented, seemingly intentional debt and inflation, and now we are threatening a dangerous war with potentially a fearfully bad ending. Nothing makes sense and I long for the good ole days! With all of these upheavals, my instinct is to cloister. Hide out. Stick my head deeply in the Wyoming dirt. It’s hard to focus on the work at hand, which makes me so glad for a devoted board of directors and dedicated project manager to help us stay the course.

It takes an extra effort these days to stay engaged with our mission, but I do it because the suffering of the orphan is real. It hasn’t changed. Those children, who are hungry and alone still need us, maybe now more than ever. They have very little hope unless we bring it. As a matter of fact, here are some eye opening statistics:

The Numbers That Matter Most in 2022*

  • 387 million children live on less than $1.90 a day.
  • 220 million children are at risk of growing up alone.
  • 140 million children have lost one or more parent.  

These are heart wrenching statistics and builds a case that not every child has a family, extended or otherwise. We are blessed to help our partner organizations who have stepped in to be the family so no child is left alone.

That being said, although it ‘s been a tough year to remember the important things, I’m not giving up. So, as I re-energize, I’m hoping you feel the same way. I’m ready. Let’s move forward together and continue making an impact caring for orphans.

200 Orphanages continue building new partnerships and funding projects this year. We are hoping to fund up to $25,000 in approved projects before year end, and that will take some help from you! We’re using undesignated donations to fill the needs as donations are down. But you have been faithful and so are we. We’ve saved for a rainy day and well, it’s raining.

Please generously remember the orphans in 2022. Join me in the battle cry: Onward and Upward!

*Statistics from: https://www.sos-usa.org/who-we-are/what-we-do/long-term-care