Grandma Gets To Hold Violet!
Jama and Violet Joy

I had the honor to be with my youngest daughter in Brighton England the first few weeks of December as she had her first baby. Violet was born December 9, 2008. I was able to hold her and give  her a few months worth of love since I won’t see her for some time.

 It gave me pause as I thought about how much love her mother and father have for her and how much her grandfather and I will love her, not to mention her aunts and uncles and cousins. She has a family, willing and able to give her the love she needs to grow into a lovely productive woman that God intended her to be.

 This made me think about the children we are serving through our work and how the people with them daily are helping them know family love as best they can.


And again, this is why I am doing what I am doing. Helping build buildings for those who are on the ground daily serving the children who are without help of any kind. These faithful servants are helping these precisou ones know they may be orphaned, but they are not forgotten! Here’s what we’ve done this year and what are plans are for the next. Please help in some way if you can! 




 Committed To Success       

            Everyone needs to know that I am in this for the long term and currently we are in the position to accept donations of which at this time 100% goes to the projects of your choice. Please consider a gift if you can before the end of the year for the children.

Successes in 2008:

We remain confident that our mission and goals are sound. We are being patient and laying a solid foundation building alliances and supporters with every step.  We know that takes time and are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful.

  •  Successful application for Non Profit Status received July 2008
  • Successful publicity regionally and created a cause on facebook.
  • Informational events Minnesota and Seattle.

                From those events our goal was not to raise funds overtly, but to build alliances and support in spreading the word about our mission and your projects.

                ~One gentleman from the group was inspired to try to raise $1,000 from  his friends so I prepared a Group Giving form for him to use.

                ~Another has plans underway for a “Walk A Thon” fundraising event with our local Golds Gym as a corporate sponsor to be held in February.

                 ~ Others in attendance at our informational gathering offered their help in planning other events that would further our cause.

                ~ Another offered his commercial mailing list so we could send information about the mission

  • 1st Fundraising Mailing Solicitation Sent in November
  • Started a Blog for regular updates (in progress)
  • We have a donate now button on the web site where donors can give immediately if they are so moved. In addition, we have our donor page set up in a secure format, so any information sent regarding credit cards and bank information is sent in a secure manner.
  •  Building Alliances

            ~ I was introduced to MSAADA, an architectural firm that has designed and was successful in building orphanages, medical facilities and schools in Africa, India and America. I am pleased to be associated with them and honored to help them raise funds for their projects.

            ~ I was also successful in getting a positive response from a nationwide association that is very excited to be a part of the mission. They allowed us to display a poster at their table at a national conference. We will be discussing how to further the relationship after the holidays.  It is my plan to partner with many others nationwide.

Looking Ahead To 2009:

  • My plan is to hold many informational events in the next few months to continue to gain support and hopefully out of that we will raise funds in 2009. 
  • I will be seeking and training volunteers nationwide who will agree to represent us at house to house meetings and speaking engagements.
  • I will be preparing an informational kit on each of the projects in order for individuals and groups to choose which projects they want to help and I will be able to give them more detailed information.

I will also be seeking national media attention in hopes that people with the means and heart to give will be moved to help build buildings for the children.  I am planning to take a group of volunteers to a project in 2009 and am beginning researching locations and costs.

 Prepared for Success

So as you can see, we are preparing for success. If you have anyone or know of any groups or individuals whom you think I should contact for support please let them know about us by forwarding this email or letting me know and I will contact them. Thank you for doing your part for the children. Have a great Holiday season.    I will try to keep everyone updated as often as is practical. Otherwise, please visit the website and be inspired to give generously to one of the very worthy projects on the site!


Have a love filled holiday!


For the Children.