Lovely Child Tina lives down the street from me. We live in castles, drive fancy cars… We live in the land of plenty. We have lunch together in an opulent restaurant…(by most of the world’s standards), with lots of rich, tastey, sanitary food, salad greens, meat, friendly wait staff…

In her most recent memory is a child crying in pain with an inoperable condition. It’s only  inoperable  today because he was neglected by his caregivers over the past few years. It’s apparent Tina is thinner since her trip. She can’t eat much as the burden for the abused children she is trying to rescue is traumatic and sickening.

Just a few days ago, she was dropping a bag of rice to St. George Foundation in Seirra Leone. This is one of the organizations profiled on our site that needs your help. They are a reputable organization wanting to build housing for the orphaned and destitute children they serve. Together, Tina and the St. George Foundation, are battling for the lives of the suffering children.

I followed the updates of Tina’s trip and I can only tell you that the horrors inflicted upon the suffering children daily are unspeakable. It makes me angry. It makes me cry. It makes me want to do something more. Those who help these babies and orphans are the hands and heart of God.  They are on the front lines in defense of the children who have no one to stand up for them. These heroes among us need and deserve our honor and our support.

I am blessed to personally know those who passionatelywork on behalf of the orphans left behind. I am bringing their stories to you. Thank you Tina, Relindis, Floriane… and all of those who do so much for the suffering children of the world.

The Children Who Are Worth the Battle… from The Raining Season on Vimeo.

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