Building A WallI called my first experience on an International Volunteer vacation to Ayacucho Peru “The Giving Trip.” I’m calling the first group volunteer service trip planned for 200 Orphanages Worldwide The Vision Trip.

The Giving Trip I took to Peru was not about what I gave to the children in the orphanage I served in…it was what they gave to me.

The children and those that care for them gave me perspective I would have never had. They gave me insight into their world of poverty and lack. They gave me an appreciation for their lives and all the richness their world and culture offered. They gave me the knowing that even the little bit that I do for them, meant a great deal. They also gave the the knowledge that I can’t do it all, but I can do something.

This is what we hope a Vision Trip will give to those that journey with us. Stay tuned for more information as we prepare the Itinerary, costs and extend our invitation to you to expand your vision and embrace a greater understanding of the world. Jh