There are many opportunities to give in this world, we all see that. And we all want our gifts to make a difference…where it counts.

I, like you, try to give my time, talents and funds to people I trust. One of my goals with 200 Orphanages is to provide you with trusted places to give, so you really can make a difference in the lives of orphans.

How we work: That’s why I or someone on my board personally meets representatives from our partner organizations before we agree to help them raise funds for their projects. In order for our partners to recieve fund raising help, or project funds, we request that a representative from their group serve on our board. That way we recieve regular first hand progress reports in order to verify funds use. This way we also are able to help them build wider awareness and support for their often remote project. We are vigilant in focusing our energies on projects that will build brighter futures for orphans.

In case you are wondering, I don’t take a salary or receive any percentage of your donations. To date, like so many of my partner organizations, I personally fund the administrative costs and donate personally to the projects so all of our funds go to the project to serve orphans. This being the case, you can be sure I watch where our money goes!

Well, you know the needs out there are many. We can’t do it all, but we can all do something. I hope you know that even a small amount makes a huge difference. Please consider donating to one of our partner projects today.

Giving Trip To Cameroon: Thanks to our Texas Friend Monique Aiken, her sister Christine and other friends and cohorts…we will be taking a group to Cameroon to lay the groundwork for the Orphanage in Cameroon. This group even built their own cause site on facebook at Bamenda Orphans-Cameroon. Executive director Relindis Moffor is in Cameroon right now making arrangements  with the architect, the children and the staff. We hope to help build a well, clear the land and harvest crops. You can help us while we’re there by donating online to the Cameroon Building Project in the drop down menu. There is lots to do and Monique and Co. are committed to seeing this project all the way to completion! 

Haiti: That being said, we’ve recently been updated on our gift to Haiti Outreach Mission based in California. President Reginald King, a friend of our co founder Fred Cornforth, sent this email and request:

Jan I’m sorry it took so long to report to you on the street kids facility you helped fund. Now that the Cholera patient load is slowing down at our remote clinic we are catching up on other work. The use of the building is now expanded to function as a day school for the 215 orphans. Merv is now providing them education thru 6th grade. (see photo). We are in motion to add another building for needed classrooms. Raoul will go to Haiti next week to pour the concrete slab then we will assemble the additional building. These  buildings have canvas sidewalls so it is important for security to get them enclosed with concrete  block walls…a big deal in Haiti! We are providing the new building, slab, windows & doors and wondered if your organization would supply the  funds for the security wall which will cost $2500 to $3500 ?

We already know how much a security wall helps change the culture and provides peace of mind for the kids and the helpers. So, if you’re inclined to give to a work in Haiti, we will match funds up to $1,500.

Nibakure Children’s Village Rwanda: We’re still helping Floriane with her work in Rwanda. I get updates at each board meeting and am happy to report, she is preparing to take in her first kids into Phase I. I am so happy to see her dream come true of providing safe shelter for orphans and widows in her home country. She needs help funding solar power for the projects. If you feel strongly about this, please donate and select this project in the drop down menu.

Halo Foundation: We have been able to send $150 to Halo Foundaiton to build a chicken coop to provide food, farming and commerce. We will get an update shortly which of their site will get these funds, either Uganda, Kenya or India.

We will keep you posted on our progress, fund raising events and new opportunities in case you would like to donate with confidence.