We’ve cast our bread upon the water. Relindis Moffor, executive director, traveled  across the water to Cameroon on Friday, bringing enough donated funds to break ground and lay the foundation for Angels Home for Orphans. 

 The donations of time and money have come from people all around the country who’s primary goals were to make a difference in the lives of orphans. I believe your and my donations will come back  as this verse states in the form of  safe shelter and brighter futures for hundreds of orphans over the years. Once the foundation is completed, the next disbursement will be made to build the walls. We fully expect over the next few months to have the project completed and soon be home, providing safety and shelter for orphans with HIV/AIDS.  

With your help, we’ve raised enough to build phase one. Relindis has named the project after the angels who have come along side her to help the children. It will be called Angels Home for Orphans. Stay tuned from progress reports as they come in.

Thank you for your donations, your support and for all you do to build the project.

For the Children,