I just received word from Relindis Moffor, executive director from Angel of Mercy in Cameroon about her successful trip to Cameroon.

Her goal on this short trip was to host a ground breaking for the Angels Home for Orphans. This by the way is the name she chose for the project after all the ANGELS who are helping her realize the dream of building an orphanage for those in her care. 

Relindis reported that after taking care of many other bits of business such as getting school supplies to the kids along with scholarships, she organized a ground breaking and reception with the local leaders, the Fon and other dignitaries.  The ceremony included Relindis sharing her goals for the project with those in attendance.

Also a tradition is to put the final block on the cornerstone, indicating from authorities the project is cleared to be built. The builder had some of the land cleared for the building, and the project manager will oversee the projects progress.

Like most celebrations in Cameroon, there was traditional dancing, singing, food and drink. Relindis invited the kids and supporters to a reception at her office.

Relindis also found time to organize the art project for our I KARE KIDS HeART to HeART Exchange. The kids created the artwork project and sent it back with her to be delivered to Eastside Boys and Girls Club. The local club has almost raised all the funds for the pig pen for the project which will eventually be on the site. This new art from the Orphans will be used in the next silent auction to finish the pig pen for the Angels Home for Orphans.

One of the most delightful parts of her update was that little Emanuel‘s health is better. She reported he was clingier and a bit needier than other visits and wanted her constant attention, but at least his health was improved. Relindis just held him close. I remember she was worried last time she saw him while she was in Bamenda,  so I had to ask. It appears his health is better. Emanuel walks two miles or more to the Angel of Mercy office from where he currently lives and it’s wearing on him. She’s excited about having him closer and under daily care in the orphanage. He’ll be able to have consistent care and nutrition, go to school and enjoy his life. The Giving Trip Group didn’t spend much time with him while in Cameroon, but he’s such a little guy and to hear he was sickly and having difficulty saddened my heart. I was glad to hear the report that he is better.

The next progress report will be in a few weeks. The raining season is not quite over, so when possible, the building will begin in earnest.