bonitaevieIt’s been such a great first half of 2019 doing our part on behalf of orphans.

partywithpurpose2We’re building momentum with individuals hosting events and house to house parties with purpose. Linda Hanson kicked it off with her November 2018 with “A Gathering Place” to build a pavilion for the girl’s home in Mainsprings. (Funds are on their way, so stay tuned!) Linda inspired Cindy Moffitt in Colorado, and then Torie Rynning’s in Seattle hosted her “Finishing Touches” Party with Purpose, to help the girls in Tanzania have a security fence around their dormitory and dining hall.

So many great projects supported by so many great people! 20190425_171537Then, Andrea Davis CRE, Arizona, decided to host a silent auction with music, food with her Water To Wine event in Scottsdale to raise money for the Well for Mainsprings in Tanzania. I am thrilled to report that the $7900 from Andrea Davis CRE Water to Wine Benefit in Scottsdale will be combined with $10,000 from our generous donor Ken Panger (learn more about Ken’s heart for wells: ) … but there’s more!

In late December 2018, I received an email from Ashlee- Ferguson, International Health Committee Chair for Washington State Environmental Health Association. She explained 20190507_135055to me in an email that “every year our education conference has a silent auction and raffle to raise funds for a Washington-based non-profit that is doing international environmental health work. … Would 200 Orphanages Worldwide be   interested in collaborating with our silent auction/raffle? Of course I said yes and agreed to  speak at their 2019 Annual Educational Conference (AEC) slated for May 6-8, 2019 at the Yakima Convention Center.  ( The conference went great and attendees participated wholeheartedly in the silent auction. Their participation provided $2080 to be used for one of the 200 Orphanages projects.

With the $2080 from the conference, $20,000 will be sent to Mainsprings in Tanzania to begin Phase One in providing clean water to the 4-6 year old girls living in the girl’s home.

200 Orphanages Worldwide built a dining hall and library for students in India. photocredit:But, there’s more. Just today fellow Rotarian Robyn Ryan, contributor to had a story about 200 Orphanages published!


I love that One by One grows to Two by Twos and with every step another person becomes inspired to do something to help an orphan.

You can be part of the one by one! Be inspired!

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