I just received a photo progress report from Relindis Moffor, Director of Angel of Mercy. The Angels Home for Orphans is progressing. We’re at the stage where blocks are being formed. This is tedious, dirty, manual hard labor made even more difficult by the lack of water and tools on the site. (Note the hole being dug with a pick ax). This is not uncommon. In Rwanda, we had to have water hauled in for the mortor for the Nibakure Children’s Village. The water is being hauled to the site in  Cameroon sometimes on bike, sometimes on foot. If someone gets lucky, the water is hauled on a motorbike. Soon, though, water from a well will be supplied thanks to Rotary International. Our local Sartell Rotary Club, Pinnacle Peak Rotary Club and Bamenda Rotary Club along with each clubs’ district and the Rotary Foundation a well will be dug. Rotray exists to help alleviate suffering of hopeless and helpless in countries all across the world. I am a proud member. My local club hosts an annual Golf 4 Orphans so we can raise funds for projects just like this one.

And in the meanwhile, brick by brick a home is being crafted. All this hard, manual labor all so an orphan can have a safe place to call home. So, as you view the photos, think of how much love is going into this home.

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As you sit down to enjoy your Thanksgiving Dinner with your family and friends,take a moment to remember the orphans. They, I can assure you, are remembering you! Thank you for all your help in making it possible for the orphans to have safe shelter.

For the Children, Jan